15 August 2008

Star Wars Birthday Cake Tradition

When Tom and I got married, we joked about his groom's cake being a "German Chocolate Chewie"-- Tom is a big Star Wars fan, for those (few) who don't know.  In the end, we wimped out and just got a basic chocolate cake.

So- a couple months later when Tom's birthday rolled around, I had to try my hand at the german chocolate chewie. (My photos are not digital yet, I will post soon.) It was a success!! Every birthday there after, now 8, I have crafted a different Star Wars character cake.

I don't cook from scratch-- I always use a boxed mix and canned frosting. I try to make the cooking the easy part so that I can focus on the decorating.  I just make a square cake and a round cake, and create the basic shape.  My decorating is never great-- but always free-hand from a photo or action figure.  I think Tom just appreciates the effort.

This year on his birthday, yesterday the 14th, I made C-3PO:

Which-- our dog Patty sneakily ate half of while Tom took a nap. She only made it up to a few bites out of the chin.

Here are a few of the cakes past:

Last year-- Jabba the Hut

2006 -- Tusken Raider

2005 -- Darth Vader

2004 -- Storm Trooper

2003 -- Darth Maul
Photos to come once I scan them:
2002 -- R2-D2
2001 -- Boba Fett
2000 -- Chewie


muskrat said...

hi carrie- cakes look good!

Melinda said...

I refuse to let Max see this entry. I can never live up to this. :) I can't wait to see the cake next year!

muskrat said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. You need to update your blog, girl!