28 January 2008

Pork Loin Leftover Makeover Part 2

We have this new-ish cool restaurant in Memphis called SoulFish. They are known for their fried catfish and variety of veggies.  They also have some great sandwiches, and this was the first place that I was introduced to a Cuban sandwich.

My version consisted of: half of a small french baguette, spicy mustard, dill pickle slices, sliced deli ham, sliced deli provolone, and some sliced leftover pork loin. 

I layered it all up and slathered some Parkay on the outside. I do not have a fancy panini grill, so I had to improvise.  I used my grill pan, and weighted an iron skillet on top.

**Yummy photos coming soon!**Edited 1/29: Here they are!!**

Step One: Smear mustard on each side and add a layer of pickles.

Step Two: Add a layer of ham and provolone.

Step Three: Add another layer of provolone and a layer of roast pork.

Step Four: Slap the halves together, butter each side and put on a grill pan, weighted on top with an iron skillet. I used salsa and pickle jars to add weight...

...but, I felt like I needed to step it up with something heavy-duty.

Step Five:  The final product in all of its crusty, melty glory.

It was very filling, I was only able to eat half. But the other half was just as delicious for lunch today.


erin said...

Every time I read this. I want to lick my screen. Keeping 'em coming, Lehman Suchman!

Anonymous said...

Esse seu sanduíche ficou com uma cara muito boa. Aqui onde estou já passa da meia-noite, já jantei e confesso que me deu fome, vou tentar fazer um lanche, você esta colaborando pra eu engordar.Um abraço!Patrícia

carrie said...

Thanks, Patricia! Sorry to make you hungry for a midnight snack!

Melinda Farmer said...

Carrie, you must know that I just jotted down the ingredients, ran to my local Albert Heijn (that's the Dutch equivalent to Kroger) and bought what I needed.

I don't have grill pan yet, so I will have to be EXTRA inventive on this one! But I can already taste it! Yum!