29 January 2008

New Tuesday Post Ideas

Since we usually go out for Mexican every Monday night, I think I will pick new topics to talk about on Tuesdays.  Things I am intereted in are:

Going Green in the kitchen
Organizing the kitchen
Crafts for the kitchen
Cooking on a budget
Freezing portions to save time later

So to my few, but proud, loyal readers-- anything else you want to know about?

I've also invited my college friend, Erin, to be a guest blogger. So look forward to her posts in the future!

1 comment:

erin said...

Carrie! I whole-heartedly accept your invitation and have already started photographing for my post. I love your topic ideas and (of course) love the most recent posts. Just bought a pork loin and the makings for the cubano sandwich. David thought we were making just sandwiches so he bought a miniature pork loin. So it looks like we will be going direcly to the melty/toasty portion of things! (I'm not complaining!) Two of my favorite topics for food to add to your list are (1) making sassy food when you are a working individual (as you and I are)--I'm talking about good stuff and promise not to say "Yum-O" or "EVOO", and (2) making some of our favorite meat and potatoes and other dishes just a little bit better for us. Not going diet necessarily--just slightly better. I believe in doing a little to make it better without sacrificing all of the wonderful things I love about food. I mean, I don't want to die early, but I sure as heck don't want to die hungry or bored either!