02 February 2008

Chinese Friday

I did not cook last night, and we ordered some Chinese delivery.  Our favorite place is called "New Chang Ying".  We have ordered so much in the last few years, that they know us by address.  They still have a Chinese New Year's card we gave them for the year of the dog, with a photo of our dogs, on display in their restaurant.  They are a cute family, and sometimes the husband, who cooks, is also the delivery man.

They have dinner combinations including fried rice, entree, and an egg roll for 6 bucks. You can't beat it. They also have some pretty darn good sauce-less fried buffalo wings.  Last night, I had Shrimp and Chicken with Broccoli, and Tom had Hunan Beef. 

We watched some DVR Daily Show and Colbert Report, and went to bed early.

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