27 January 2008

Too Tired to Cook

It's the busy season at the ol' eye clinic. Everybody goes down to Liberty Tax, home of the dancing Uncle Sam and Statue of Liberty, and gets their Super Speedy Turbo Tax Refund Loan!! and comes on over to the office to get their glasses and contacts.

Saturdays are the busiest days, and today was no exception. 45 patients seen. That's 90 eyeballs for those keeping score. Anyway-- after a day like that, I'm ready to let someone else do the cooking for me.

One bonus about living a little further East of Midtown is that we are surrounded by a lot of great restaurants in one place. Yesterday we went to The Half Shell. I had oysters on the, you guessed it---half shell, a house salad and a cup of gumbo. The gumbo was passable, but I'm looking forward to my own gumbo at our Mardi Gras Superbowl party on the 3rd.

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